Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our snowbird neighbor has been dropping in to say "Hi"

Sorry I'm such a lousy photographer. We have a sandhill crane that comes by every evening to snack on things in the yard. It trills/chirrups while out there, and John and I go out to be sociable. We chirrup at the crane, the crane chirrups back, and then we go back in the house so we don't harass it.

The cats, if they're out in the yard, are FASCINATED. Silly kitties. They also seem to be rather intimidated, and are leaving it alone.

We think it must have a nest in the swamp across the road, and is enjoying getting voles and green and insects over here on our property. Anyhoo, this is a neighbor we're happy to have in the neighborhood.


MWT said...

Ooo... those are awesome birds. My college ornithology class visited a bunch of them at a spring breeding area once. Lots and lots of them chirruping and trilling and dancing with each other. :)

Michelle K said...

That is awesome!

You have the coolest neighbors!

Anonymous said...

The cats, if they're out in the yard, are FASCINATED