Sunday, January 27, 2008

Listening to the blues (Hijack Hijinks Post)

The blues isn't about ethnicity, gender, or any of that garbage. It's about your soul, your feelings, and who you are. What you feel and how you connect. That's what I not just think, it's what I believe.

What do you think?

Me, I'll be here listening to some music, I've started off with Hijackin' Love by Johnnie Taylor, and doing my part for Nathan's project.

ETA - oh, yeah. Nathan's Project - Hijack Day

ganked from his post
-Do not respond to me in my own thread. Go to one of the other participant's blogs and respond there.

-Do not respond to other participants in their own threads. Go to one of the other participant's blogs and respond there.

-If you're responding to a comment in a thread, do it somewhere else.

-If one of the participants has failed to put up a Hijack™ Day post, Hijack their most recent thread with your non-sequiter comments. Serves 'em right, I say.

-Post the rules so your readers know what the hell is going on. If you feel like operating by a different set of rules, fine. Just include them in your starting Post.

-You should either include all the links of participating blogs in your post or you can just link my post so that everyone knows who is playing.

-New Rule I just thought of: Creative flaming and name-calling are hereby deemed most welcome during the 24-hour playing period. I think being pissy out of context could be most excellent!

-By all means, invite your own readers to play. Just send them here to sign on.

What's the point of all this. Nothing whatsoever. As someone pointed out, its difficult to organize chaos. So, the hell with organization. Chaos for its own sake. I expect the resulting threads to look like a meeting of Bipolar Disorder meets Tourette's Syndrome suffers.

BTW, any response to this post in this thread will be grounds for disqualification. There's other posts on the subject where you can ask questions or introduce other ideas. Just sayin'.

The players (in no particular order) are:

Random (but not really)
Smug Puppies
The Blog of Siram
Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men
Stonekettle Station
Anne's Public Storage Space
The Brain of Shawn
Snavely's Web Log


Michelle K said...

Nathan--you're it!

(jumps into the red safety square)

Jim Wright said...

What in the hell are we talking about? I'm getting dizzy

Tom said...

I remember oatmeal when I was a child, but not since. No Malt-o-Meal, Quaker Oats, cream-of-wheat, nothing. And I can't do them grits. You go into a shop that's got one can of coffee, one size of milk, 2 types of bread, but they got a whole shelf of grits. You got your Small, Regular, Large, Giant, and Family Size. Get that there Family Size, and whup up a whole mess a grits. Now what do you do with them? You got a crack in your driveway? Feed it them grits. That sucker'll never open up again.

Michelle K said...

(pulls out yellow chalk and draws hopscotch squares, skipping six)

Jeri said...

My favorite dessert is crepes, preferably filled with dark chocolate and a drizzle of Frambois over the top.

Strawberry blintzes are good too. :)

Michelle K said...

You were supposed to *catch* the soccer ball!

Minus fifty points for failure to perceive intent!

MWT said...

I remember Ra. He got killed off and his armies taken over by Apophis.

Ahh, those were the good days of Stargate, before it went down the tubes in the last 3-4 years. Even Atlantis is sucking it big time this season. *le sigh*

Michelle K said...

I dodge Nathan's penalty and give myself and Jeri 137 bonus points each for being kind to strangers.


Jeri said...

I'm not sure Huckabee gets points for craziness... just dogmatic, unthinking, far-right stupidity.

And I agree on the preacher-as-president phobia - don't think that's a very sensible, practical combination.

Nathan said...

Actually Tom,

You're the one in trouble. MWT may have posted twice about the same thing in the same thread, but technically all that was about was clicking "submit" too quick and then having to continue.

You on the other hand referenced MWT's post immediately after it.

Bad! *FOOM*

MWT said...

Wait... what was that about England? o.O

Michelle K said...

Oh! How'd I miss that? I'm also a fan of "Go Fug Yourself"

If nothing else it makes me feel much better about how I dress!

I also like "Smart Bitches Trashy Books" which doesn't make a lot of sense since I don't care for romance novels. But I do like their attitude there--and they're funny as all get out.

Jeri said...

I'm thinking it's low frequency radio transmissions - although that doesn't explain everything.

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure Jeri's throwing pink herrings...but I'll look around just to make sure.

Anne C. said...

My "guilty pleasure" websites are all y'all's blogs. Seriously. Anything with a significantly bigger community and I start to lose interest. Like "Whatever". I go to see what John's talking about, but I rarely go back to read the comments. It's a shame (since I know there are some fun people posting comments there) but I don't have time to read all 150 posts on Zeus's latest LOLCat.

Nathan said...

Morning report:

I've got a couple of new responses on my site, including Anne discovering that the game had begun (I'm responding to her comment there, so no rule breaker I)!

No visits (much less players) from outside the U.S. as far as I can see. Anybody else got any furiners?

Michelle K said...

Hmmm... How's the layout of the T60?

Did they keep the network jacks in the back or switch them to the side? How about USB ports? Do they get in the way if you want to use the mouse, or are they reasonably positioned?

What. Why do I care? I've got my new Vaio! Yippee!

Nathan said...

Is there anyone here who can knock on Shawn's door and ask for Cheerios while notifying him we're playing without him? Shouldn't he be home from work by now?

Nathan said...


Thanks for the translation of PPPBBBBTTTTT (or whatever it is). I'm no more enlightened that I was before. But that's really in the spirit of the game, so, yeah.

Step out of the Obscurity Zone.

Tom said...

I AM uber-cool! But I don't know why. Since my domain is on a shared server, maybe someone else on that server is blockworthy.

Once my own e-mail filter said my site was spam, and I couldn't send myself an e-mail to report it to me. What was I to do???

Well, I called myself up, but I didn't recognize the number, so I hung up on myself.

Took a long time to get that straightened out, I'll tell you what!

Jeri said...

You know, the South Park movie - while a little crude for my taste - had some brilliant moments of satire.

"Blame Canada" is a masterpiece, and easily gets stuck in my head.

Nathan said...


The comment on my blog purporting to be from a foreign land is a fake. I don't show any hits today from outside the USA

Michelle K said...

I think that if Shawn isn't home, we should take over the place. Jump on the beds, eat all his cookies, put our feet on the furniture, and give him a new decorating scheme.

Nathan said...

But Jeri,

Your friend Holly appears to be posting from somewhere in the U.S. Jim wins with an actual foreign IP.

Shawn Powers said...

My high school best friend is a raving Ron Paul lunatic. But at least he is voting... I guess that's good.

(AAaaand, that might be my last JiHack of the day...)

hehe... JiHack. I like it. Spoonerisms rock.

Jeri said...

You know, I'm not entirely sure whether I'd want to do this again, but it has been fun. Just time consuming, and requires a level of obsessiveness that I probably shouldn't indulge.

Tom, I think that your capacity to follow this insanity vs. your n00b ability to learn the ropes are completely unrelated.

Tom said...

Thank you, gracious lady. I have enjoyed this immensely.

Jeri said...

Alaskans (and Canadians) do not live in igloos - but my sons build a mean backyard snow fort for use in a snowball war!

Michelle K said...

It has been fun, but you're right that it required entirely to much obsessive attention.

Tom said...

Tania, like me you're just going to have to post more often.

Read my post on Nathan's blog for some interesting Jeopardy news.

And by the way, every time I try to spell that, I have to pronounce it Jeo-pardy. Otherwise I drop the "e" and it just doesn't look right.