Thursday, January 31, 2008

With apologies to Roy Orbison.....

Crrryyyyyyying, over yoooouuuu.

Ok. My advisor in college, one Dr. Donald Lynch, observed that I could be the perfect straight man, because sometimes I take things literally when I shouldn't (Tania Clueless, that's me!), and sometimes I take things literally just to be a smart ass and he couldn't tell the difference.

So, when people say that reading something made them cry, I always wonder are they engaging in hyperbole, or were they truly moved to tears?

I can make myself cry, a useful skill for theater work. But actually being moved to tears, doesn't happen that often. Then again, I usually keep a pretty tight rein on my emotions so I don't descend into "Hulk Smash" territory.

Things that make me teary - "You go, I go" in Backdraft, Bagpipes at funerals, Taps at funerals, my husband crying, and NOW THIS. It's the last quarter of the post.

Damn you Wil Wheaton. Damn you.


Nathan said...


That got me just a little. But I'm the perfect audience. I know every trick filmmakers use to manipulate an audience and they get me every time anyway. As a child, I cried with joy every time Mighty Mouse came to save the day.

Have I mentioned that I'm pathetic?

Jeri said...

That is a very cool article. My husband is a very good stepdad - and it's a really hard thing to do. The kids don't consider him their 'real dad', even though he's the one who helps with homework, stays up when they're sick, goes their school conferences and special events, provides financially for them, has taught them to ride a bike and drive... I could go on and on.

It is a real blind spot for the boys, and it makes me sad to know that my gratitude and recognition is best response he can expect.

My hat is off to all dedicated step-parents. It's a heartbreaking job.

Tom said...

Moved to tears. Yes.

Mom's gone, and sometimes just a Hallmark card commercial will catch me just right.

Surprisingly (at least to me), the Declaration of Independence at the beginning of the Super Bowl did the same thing.