Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That word, it does not mean what you think it does.

From a Jezebel comment thread:

"why do men or even women have to grow a plutonic family? I was under the assumption that being born didn't come with a to-do list."

Plutonic. Umm, I'm not sure I want a plutonic family. The first three things that come to mind for me when plutonic is used are:

1) Geologically I think of gabbro
2) Mythologically I think of Pluto
3) Astronomically I think of the former planet

I mean, I don't want a family that could be described as frigid, rocky, or including the overlord of the dead.

Now, I do not doubt that the word the well meaning person meant to type was platonic. Yeah. I don't want a platonic marriage either, unless I'm a beard or arm candy, the pre-nups are signed, and we all know what we're in for. Platonic, not what I'm looking for in a marriage. Not what I have in my marriage. Thank goodness!


Anne C. said...

Yeah me neither on the platonic marriage thing. A marriage based on friendship, yes. Platonic friendships, yes. Platonic marriage, no. Not even if you paid me (I think!).

Tania said...

Well, the other day I was ranting about the "tax rebate" and the proposed state refund to Alaskans because we have a budget surplus.

To my friend Cindy I said "I can be bought. But I'm not cheap. If you're buying me, you're not getting me for a lousy $500/$800/$1000!!"

Of course, I'm not sure what my price is. I'm not sure I want to know what my price is.

Jeri said...

I could handle marriage to the overlord of the dead, as long as he didn't bring work home and was clear on his role in OUR household. After all, I am married to a lawyer. ;)

That is too hilarious a typo/misspelling.

Nathan said...


(Damn, I'm glad I got to say that one before anyone else) :D

Michelle K said...

I dunno, I always thought Pluto was an interesting God. Far better to be married to him than to Zeus who was always getting innocent maidens knocked up and then changing them into cows so his wife wouldn't find out.

Anne C. said...

Well, technically, didn't Pluto kidnap Persephone and take her to Hades to be his wife? Not exactly friendly behavior (of course, no Greek/Roman god was nice really).

Michelle K said...

True. But at least he worked out a deal so she only had to spend six months of the year with her mother.

Tania said...

I'm going to have to go with Michelle on this one. I can barely stand to spend two days with my mother.