Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Funny

Well, SBTB has Friday videos, I'm going to try to institute something I find funny on Fridays. We'll see how it goes.

Today, I offer the latest version of the Unalaska Police Blotter, where you can chuckle at these gems (and more! go, read the real thing!):

(The following could happen with my family. Seriously)
Welfare Check – Officers responded to a domestic disturbance and discovered that an entire family unit had been engaged in an animated discussion about one another’s relative merits, or lack thereof, which subsequently resulted in a mild case of fisticuffs. No charges were filed per the District Attorney.

(I hope I'd treat an incident such as this as graciously!)
Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported someone had bungee-corded her door shut from the outside, and requested officer assistance. An officer responded and removed the cord, thus freeing the trapped and somewhat amused resident.

(Nathan, has this happened to you?)
Harassment – A man reported he was being harassed by a cameraman, after he refused to sign a release allowing his image to be shown on television. The man said his employers had already been notified, but asked that police document the complaint.


Anonymous said...

How do you lock yourself inside your house with a bungee cord on the outside? No matter what, you may onto a new variation of the locked-room murder mystery.

Nathan said...

1. No. If someone doesn't want to sign a release, we just drop the whole thing and make a note not to use that footage. I did get a kick out of picturing the argument.

2. Every time I see 'Welfare Check', I think 'The check is in the mail.'

3. Unisea needs full time police presence.

4. 'Injured kitten brought in for destruction.' How much damage could an injured kitten have done? What's the penalty?

5. 'Loose puppy'. What business is it of yours if a puppy wants to get laid.

6. Doesn't the Roads Chief ever leave his office?

Janiece Murphy said...

Tania, do your relatives rent the house next door to me?

Just wonderin'...

vince said...

My favorites? "Caller reported a child on the ice in the middle of the lake. An officer contacted the 20-year old man, who was writing his name in the snow on top of the ice" and "Brian Byers, 44 yoa, of Washington, simply couldn’t stay away from his former room. Byers was arrested on one count of Criminal Trespass I"