Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adventures In Cooking

I love to cook. I love to cook interesting things.

Tonight's adventure - Moose Scrapple. We'll see how it goes, and I'll be reporting back on how it goes.

Personal Note to CHW - if you're interested in trying some, give me a call or drop me an email. I'll only share if it turns out to be not disgusting. Promise. I made bumbleberry crisp for dessert tonight, and if it turns out well I'll make one and drop it by the clinic.


Michelle K said...

Moose Scrapple?

Oh dear.

Jeri said...

Please do describe! Even though I'm a bit of a foodie, I don't know what scrapple is... although I'm sure I could google it. :)

Michelle K said...

I know what scrapple is, although I've never eaten in.

Jeri--think meatloaf made of the stuff you didn't make into hotdogs. ;)

Anne C. said...

I've eaten scrapple and I don't know what it is (outside of what Michelle just said). I'd say it's disgusting, but it's actually quite tasty and hey, aren't we supposed to try to eat everything but the oink?

I wish I could try moose scrapple. :( Let me know how it turns out, Tania. My brother in law (in Washington State) is quite the huntsman and though he hunts moose, I don't know if he actually kills them(he's grown to respect and like the bull moose in his area quite a bit), but if he does, he might find the "recipe" intriguing. His venison jerky is to die for.

Tania said...

John hasn't finished it yet, but we are only using bits we'd probably eat anyway. I will give an update once it's done.

Cat Whitney said...

Waiting with baited breath and roiling innards for a description (like everyone else here:). I'll pass on the actual sampling, though. Ethiopian flatbread is happening on Wednesday. I don't think it keeps very well, but there may be an encore.
This week I'm doing strange (morally upright and legal) things with language impaired preschoolers. I've also signed up to start the master food preservation workshops with CES. Um, then this coming weekend I'm back to farm-y things.

bon appetite (without the little doinky things for emphasis)

Tom said...

(Tania, Nathan may be by to check, soon. Day 3. Get cracking!)

My eyes sometimes make that into mouse scrapple, and I wonder what kind of mouse problem you have up there, that gives you enough to make mouse scrapple for more than one person.

MWT said...

Yeah, aren't we going to get to find out how the moose scrapple came out?