Saturday, September 20, 2008

iTunes Memery

I have a really cranky post I want to write, in response to a commenter on Theresa's blog - My Fairbanks Life, but I'm trying to achieve some inner peace and let it go. Sooooo....

Andrew Wheeler
posted this, he thinks it started with Scott Westerfeld.

1) In iTunes, select View Options under the View menu.
2) Turn off everything but “Artist.”
3) Select all and copy.
4) Search and Replace the word “track” with nothing.
5) Paste the results into the Create page.

What can I say? Mainly, I have a LOT of classical music. Doesn't mean I can immediately tell you the composer or name, but I usually can hum the tune.

I'm not tagging anyone with this, but I really would love to see Cindy and Eric's results. We know Jim's would be full of Dire Straits...

ETA - out of curiosity and provoked by Jeri (in a good way provoked) here is one for my most frequently played. Yay! Astrud Gilberto!


Random Michelle K said...


Now I want to know what made you cranky... Cuz I'm like that dead cat.


Tania said...

Melissa's comment

Eric said...

I'd have to figure out how to do this with Winamp--iTunes gives me hives. :-)

Eric said...

i just red melisaz coment an now i be stoopidur becoz ov it

thankz tania

thankz bunchz


Tania said...

You can see why it might make me cranky....

Grr. Grr. Grr.

Jeri said...

Ewwww. Yeah, something just a little freeze-dried whack-a-loon there in that perspective.

I'm going to go rinse my eyes out now.

I think I will do the iTunes-y thing though, but I can tell you that Johnny Cash will rule the day.

Tania said...

Johnny Cash always rules the day around here! Ringtone on the mobiles for calls from the house - Walk The Line. Heh.

Random Michelle K said...


Someone seems to no longer be on speaking terms with her sense of humor.

Maybe her sense of humor will sneak up behind her and thwack her in the head with a clue-by-four.

Theresa said...

Clue-by-four. Heh. Heh. That's funny. And it has hyphens.