Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who's really lost out with all this attention on Alaska

Hannah. She's a girl from Fairbanks that is on Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model. Usually this would be HUGE news for Alaska. But alas, other events have eclipsed her chance at 15 minutes of fame.

Poor kid.

I haven't watched the show in years. But I developed a fondness for Janice Dickinson, and one my gym t-shirts proudly proclaims "Janice is my superROLEmodel".


vince said...

I've never watched the show, but it's unfortunate she's been overshadowed.

Janiece Murphy said...

She seems genuinely friendly and down to earth.

But she needs to eat a sammich, pronto.

Lance Weber said...

Huh. For some reason I figured models from Alaska would be wearing furs and hawking whiskey for the trading post down by the river.

Theresa said...

Now I feel so sorry for her. What other hell hath this Vice Presidential nomination wrought?