Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I try to keep my opinions to myself, which is harder in some situations rather than others.

Disclaimer - I am a registered non-partisan and like it that way. I have issues with all the parties.

Usually Cindy and I watch major events together, and riff with one another. Well, someone was at work this evening, and I was all alone.

So my poor Twitter feed had to endure my abuse.

I don't agree with Sarah Palin on social issues. I loved her comments on projects she line item vetoed for FY08, stating that a number of them were not an appropriate use of state funds. Because she was right. I find her to be too straightforward and unsubtle to be an effective politician in sophisticated arenas (international relations, anyone?). I say this because I know that I'm that way myself. Sarah is a sports nut, so how's this for a metaphor? She's like a HS kid that has been picked to go to the Major Leagues without working her way through the farm system. While talented, she'd really get something out of the farm system without losing who she is.

I think Theresa says some of what I think and feel very very well. Then again, she's an actual professional writer, unlike myself. I'm still cogitating and trying to get to an articulate place rather than just an emotively responsive place.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to have abandoned you in your hour of need. Shall we make a date for the VP debate?

I'm watching via at the moment. GRRRR. ARRGGGHHH.

So...when exactly did she stop taking earmarks for AK? Last Thursday prior to McCain naming her VP?

OOOOHHH...Did she just...yes, she's rationalizing war with Russia as well as Iran now! Lovely.

I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight.

Theresa said...

I'm just feeling like a big hypocrite myself. First I liked her and now I REALLY don't like her. It's my own fault for believing a politician. Time to crawl back into my hole. Or maybe play some Scrabble?

vince said...

Scrabble is fun. Much better than watching political conventions full of people who will say darn near anything to get elected.

We desperately need a viable third party. Maybe even a fourth and fifth.

Anne C. said...

I've always thought so too, Vince, but have often been chided by others on my naivete. :P

vince said...

Keep the faith Anne. We got a third-party governor here once, and I'm proud to say I voted for him.

Jeri said...

I agree, too, that we need extra parties. It works for Mother England. ;)

Jeri said...

More parties:

Church potluck
Barn raising
Backyard barbecue
Charity benefit
Book or movie club
LAN or gaming

Did I miss any? Is there any demographic not represented here?

MWT said...

From the southeastern US:

oyster roast
clam bake
pig pickin'
pit barbecue

Anonymous said...

I find her to be too straightforward and unsubtle (...) I say this because I know that I'm that way myself.

Me, I prefer you.

By the way, I also think of myself as straightforward and unsubtle, but managers might come up with other words, one being 'pain' and another being a relative of the donkey.