Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a lousy liberal

Have I mentioned that before? Because I am. That doesn't stop me from really enjoying and agreeing with Shannyn Moore's latest blog entry.

I think you should go and read it.

I grew up with Shannyn. Her dad was my elementary school principal, her mom was the librarian at the other elementary school. I broke her younger sister Jeannie's front tooth at a Hallowe'en carnival in junior high (it was an accident! I still feel AWFUL about it 25 years later). Thanks to Shannyn's piano recitals I know every note to the Maple Leaf Rag.

Shannyn has been getting attention from the MSM, which is really cool. Even as a kid she was outspoken, driven, and very opinionated. Yes, there were times I hated her guts. We were kids. It looks like she's on the road to success with her chosen field, and I am so damn happy for her.

Go Shannyn!

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Nathan said...

Thanks for pointing that out. It was great.