Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work? Today?

I'll try to work. But this year more than most I really agree with the make Election Day a holiday. I'll gladly give up Columbus Day as a Federal holiday (I've never had a job where I got it as a holiday) in exchange for Election Day as a holiday.

Those of my readers (all 17 of you) that are eligible to vote in this election probably have, or will have by the end of the day.

Even Catherine in NZ was working on her absentee voting options. Alaska has a vote by fax option!

OMG. I think Ralph Nader is on Talk of Alaska RIGHT NOW. How odd. How shocking. How bizarre.

Sorry. My little brain was distracted there. Nader is still nattering away.

Gotta go. Work should be done, and I want to reload fivethirtyeight.com again.


Random Michelle K said...

I Voted! I Voted!

vince said...

I voted! And worked my ass off. Clients made me come to them and work.

Like they didn't trust me or something.

Cindy said...

I only wish today had been a holiday. I was ready to crawl under the desk by noon. And it only got worse as the day progressed. Sample conversation across the reference desk: "Sir, I'm sorry that you didn't realize that this was a PRESIDENTIAL election and yes, I agree completely with you that as a tax-paying citizen your voice should be heard...but I'm afraid it is simply too late to register to vote." #2: "Yes, we do have a ballot box here. No, it's outside of the building. Along the east wall, in front of the book return. No, the OTHER east wall. No, not the book return. It's the white, free-standing metal box bolted to the concrete. Yes, the one with "ballots" emblazoned across it. Why yes, you are correct--it IS in exactly the same place it was during the last election." (v. big sigh) I fear for the fate of local elections due to the, well, locals.

Jeri said...

Nader and Alaska just don't seem to go together like peas and carrots.

Cindy - too funny. Maybe that should be a means test for voting - the ability to follow simple instructions to find the freaking ballot box?