Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Girl

Oy, it's been a busy week and weekend.

Friday night my friend Carrie decided to start a book club, and as I read too much as it is, I agreed to be a member. Our first book is something by Ann Shreve that I picked up at used from Gulliver's. John was out with questionable company, so four of us girls ended up at Lavelle's drinking champagne and eating dessert. Black bottom creme brulee pairs rather nicely with champagne, for the record.

Saturday I chatted with my grandmother for about thirty minutes, but she had to hang up on me to go deal with her poached apples in cinnamon syrup. My grandma is so cool.
Around noon John and I went to see Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Raunchy, crass, blunt, and rather sweetly poignant. Kevin Smith makes some pretty darn fine films. For the evening we were going to go to a beer tasting at the Blue Loon, but John wanted to take a nap first, and well, he was so cute snoozing that I didn't have the heart to wake him up. So, I had a nutritious dinner of leftover dip and corn chips, and snuggled into bed and caught up on some reading.

Sunday morning I caught up on more phone calls, and then went to run errands and grocery shop. This afternoon and evening has been spent cooking for the next week
chicken curry with almonds, chiles, yogurt, and spinach
mac and cheese (homemade)
the beginnings of chicken soup and enchiladas for later on in the week
I also have chili and cassoulet planned for Thursday and/or Friday.

John eats all the time, ok? I have to have food on hand as a defensive mechanism.

Mostly, life here is mundane, I'm ok with that.

So, even though it's Sunday evening, I'll leave you with some fine music from Blondie - Sunday Girl

PS - any rumors you hear about me taking my shirt off in the bar at Los Amigos Thursday night are completely true. This is why I don't drink to excess. I was completely sober, one of John's inebriated cow-orkers challenged me to swap shirts with him in the bar (it was actually relevant to the discussion they were having). So I did. Yeah, don't dare me to do dumb things like that, because I usually will, if it's only embarrassing and doesn't hurt anyone.


mattw said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend!

Random Michelle K said...

What? No pictures?!


Tania said...

I never think to take them, and luckily no else made it in time. Someone was running up with a cell phone as I finished pulling down Jim's shirt. Which is still in my living room and I need to drop it off.

And I want my shirt back.