Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strange things afoot at the Circle K

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is quite possibly the only film I can think of in which Keanu Reeves' delivery was exactly what the character needed. Also, it is hard to resist a film that has Jeanne d'Arc as a hot chick.

But, I digress.

The seventeen of you that actually bother to come by and read, comment, mock, etc. are likely familiar with the events in my life.

In the last six months I have

1) Started the process of dissolving my marriage of 15 years. John and I hope to be able to remain friends, but we are not good spouses. This is a good decision for both of us.

2) Left a job that I was fantastically unsuited for, and am pursuing other interests, working to develop something that I will find interesting, satisfying, and compensatory in a manner that won't cause me to consider actually eating the voles, shrews, and snowshoe hares the cats bring me.

3) Become the person I used to be, who didn't feel trapped by circumstance and was willing to effect/pursue/evoke change to make things happen. Because I'm a pushy bitch. Or, I used to be.

A dear friend told me I was bored by my own rage. Truer words have rarely been spoken (to me). I was so used to being angry and frustrated that I accepted situations I shouldn't have.

Now, I'm making an effort to change. All change is hard, and I am sorry for the insecure nutbar I have been and likely will be for the next year or so as I sort my life out and head out into new directions. Your patience, forbearance, and reality checks are appreciated.

So. Happy Birthday to me. Thanks for being here, and regular features will be reintroduced as life finds a new route.