Sunday, August 31, 2008

Entertainment for Michelle and anyone else who's interested

Well, I'm sweeping and sorting magazines and contemplating what to do with my Magnetic Poetry collection. But Michelle has demanded entertainment, and I should oblige my audience...

Of course the question is, what would she find entertaining? Hopefully one of the following...

Virtual Bubble Wrap (for your popping pleasure)

Fail Blog

Play With Spider (ick ick ick ick ick ick)

Geographic size of Africa, in Perpective (food for thought more than entertainment)

A Fan Site of questionable taste dedicated to my governor

The Daylight Map (so you can think of Jim and I this winter)

Online Kaleidoscope and the newer version here(because I should end on something fun!)


vince said...

Now THAT'S Entertainment.

Random Michelle K said...

The fan site for your governor is... disturbing.

kimby said...

I soooo LOVE the spider one....thanks!
I needed a new play site for when I am "TAKING A BREAK" from studying...NOT for when I should be studying but don't feel like it!