Sunday, June 29, 2008

The best laid plans of mice and men

aft gang agley.

Arrgh. I'm writing from Anchorage International Airport.

What's that you say? I'm supposed to be in Denver RIGHT NOW? Getting ready to meet up with Anne and Janiece before I go to my work conference?

You have some keen powers of observation. My flight last night was canceled/delayed by 6 hours. The plane is full up, and full of fed up people. I'm annoyed, but it's not worth my time to get too cranky over it.

What I'm most annoyed over is that this is cutting into my crucial visiting time with Anne and Janiece. Grrrrrrr.

June has been a really busy month for me. Let's hope that July is nicer. Please.


Anne C. said...

Grrrr... stupid planes.

Random Michelle K said...

Of course July will be better!

It's an AWESOME month!

kimby said...

Boooooo for stoopid planes..but yeah for visiting with the girls! July is an awesome month...and it WILL says the UCF!

Nathan said...

Don't worry. You should be delayed just as much on the return. You can make up for lost visiting time then.

vince said...

Been listening to "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" again Nathan?

But I hope you're right.

Jeri said...

I am very familiar with the Anchorage airport, having spent many long delayed hours there.

Can I recommend the Presidente margarita at Chili's? ;)

I've been on the fence about renewing my boardroom membership, it's up in July, and I think you may have just helped me make my mind up.

Anonymous said...

It's tough, being an International Woman of Mystery.