Thursday, August 7, 2008

Denvention Day 2

Yikes - what a fun day (though it would have been more fun if I could've joined Janiece and Terry for a beer. sigh)


10 AM - Started of the morning with a reading by PC Hodgell, from her newest Kencyrath book. Which is actually only about 30% done. BUT OMG IT IS ALMOST 1/3 COMPLETE!! **swoons**

Went and found lunch. Whew. I was a hungry girl.

1 PM - Liberals and Military SF panel (John Hemry, Elizabeth Moon, Scalzi, Joe Haldeman)
To start off with - with a panel like that, how are you going to go wrong? Elizabeth Moon is just plain fabulous as a rule, and her moderation guidelines she laid out at the beginning made me develop a little bit of a girl crush on her. Janiece, Terry, and I got there early and scored seats in the third row. The discussion on polemics, portrayals, and posturing was excellent. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Yay!

Xopher from ML asked one of the questions during the panel, and he was one of the people I was looking for. I abandoned Janiece and Terry, and ended up meeting up Xopher, Skwid, and Serge. As a group we headed to the dealer's room to get some people (Serge) their ML button. On the way we encountered Teresa aka TNH, and she joined our entourage to procure buttons. As buttons were procured and we stood around talking, my fellow sun bearer, now to be known as my fellow Apollonian, Lance showed up to get HIS button. And then, who else should show up, but Adam Stemple? Much chatting ensued, and I even got to show Adam the cool shadow puppet moose I had shown his mom when she came to Fairbanks MANY YEARS AGO. We also discussed games, bears, dogs, and other fun stuff. Adam was delightful to chat with.

Oh, and I bought a corset. A really pretty corset. A corset was on my shopping list.

Serge and I retrieved some props for the masquerade from his car, and we met up with the group Susan put together for this year's competition. It should be fun. The show starts Friday night at 7:30 PM.

And now it's late and I want to go to bed. I'm sorry I don't have pictures. I think Janiece does.... ETA - SHE DOES!

Fun moment of the day - recognizing Jay Lake and Charlie Stross as they went into the bar together. And I didn't squee. Out loud.

Almost embarrassing moment of the day - seeing Melinda Snodgrass and wanting to say "OMG, it's Melinda Snodgrass!" (btw, check out her newest book, I think the premise looks interesting. I haven't picked it up yet myself, but I plan to.)

Snorty moment of the day - seeing a gentleman wearing a t-shirt that says "be careful, or you'll be in my next novel" and then realizing it's Harry Turtledove.


Nathan said...

I'm not proud. I'll go for the obvious. All of that sounds great...but we want more about the corset.

mattw said...

Sounds like a blast. *jealous*

Unknown said...

Did you see Scalzi cry? I hope he doesn't sound like Bill Gates. wee hee, wee hee, weeee.

Random Michelle K said...

Will you be blogging pictures of the corset?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Random Michelle K said...

Also, what was Theresa like in person?

Anonymous said...

some people (Serge)

To quote Jean Hagen in Singin' in the Rain...

"People"? I ain't "people." I am a - "a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament."

Good to finally meet you, Tina. By the way, after the masquerade, I took your sun banner and Lance's apart and carried the whole thing back to my minivan. It wasn't that heavy, actually. I was mostly concerned about doing a Three Stooges routine and hitting someone in the face with the main piece of lumber.