Friday, August 15, 2008

AVG or something gakked my laptop networking

So, I'm grabbing time online when I can at work. Which isn't often, even with my firewall work around.

Denvention reports will be posted, Charlotte will be posted. Corset Pictures will be shared. Caterday blogging might commence (might). In the meantime, I'm having fun tracing down what the problem is. Event Viewer, TCP View, WinsockXP, RARepair, and other nifty utilities are my friend. Hey, at least my laptop now recognizes that it has network adapters. Yay!

So, when I'm not working (and I actually have work to do!), I'm getting my geek on.


vince said...

Happiness is a working computer.

Well, if it's your computer. For me, happiness is other people's broken computers. Because fixing them is part of how I pay my bills.

Anonymous said...

Corset Pictures will be shared

Get those Ursa boots and you'll definitely be in business.

Shawn Powers said... ?

ehehhehe, sorry, couldn't resist. :)

Jeri said...

Tania, have I ever mentioned that I love your tags? They are super hilarious.

Shawn, why would I want to visit a hip hop site?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Tania said...

Vince, I appreciate people like you!

Serge, I'm working on it. And I still feel bad about abandoning you. My dad was wandering about WorldCon Saturday and Sunday.

Shawn, Chirk beat you to it. He's giving me his OpenBSD 4.3 disk as a birthday present.

Jeri, glad to provide some amusement. Especially from poor sick little Plankton. It's like he's got Schizophrenia and Macular Degeneration. He's hearing voices that aren't there and/or can't see things when he looks at them directly. Poor little bugger.

Anyway, I'm thinking about setting up under OpenBSD just for fun. We'll see... (have to work for another hour or so, and then I can start to operate on Plankton)

kimby said...

I am glad i have a built in IT guy...but sad i have to wait until current work projects allow him the time to even look at our network.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Tania. You had a good reason for ABANDONNING me. Heheheh. There were enough people to carry the smaller banners so it was no big deal for me to carry the big ones by myself. Good exercise too. Burning off calories.

Random Michelle K said...

I hope you get on SOON!

The silence is deafening.

AND you missed a perfectly good tentacles comment.