Sunday, August 31, 2008

It Is Risen!

Right after Denvention my laptop was gakked by an update. Life has kept me busy and I have finally managed to get it mostly fixed and software reloaded. Posts will begin again. Hurrah!

Today I'll be working in the yard, cleaning in my house, and going to the gym. And finishing up the furnace tuneup I started yesterday, now that I've found the allen wrench set.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the weekend.


Random Michelle K said...


She's back!

Now entertain me!

vince said...

Hah, Michelle doesn't need entertainment, she's not working. She has a three day weekend. Me, I'm working. I'm the one who needs entertainment.

vince said...

And glad to see you back. Yay!

Random Michelle K said...

I beg to differ Vince.

I've got laundry and bills and never mind cleaning the house.

Plus, I need to work on my resume. And that pretty much ruins any long weekend.

On the bright side, it gave me an excuse to miss a labor day "meal" at my parent's house. (Not only does my mom hate to cook, I wonder whether she actually has taste buds.)

vince said...

(Not only does my mom hate to cook, I wonder whether she actually has taste buds.)

That made me laugh out loud.

Oh, and there was been sanding and painting and faucet repair at my humble abode yesterday, so I do empathize.

And a super secret project that will be announced soon. Oh yes it will.

Jeri said...

Yeah Tania - the victory of woman over machine is always a sweet moment.

For some reason I thought I was reading "alien" wrench set and I was thinking you had a hell of a furnace setup. ;)

Anonymous said...

It is risen!

No sour grapes fromt he experience?

(Whoa! That frying pan almost hit me.)

Jeri said...

My mom also hates too cook and is scornful of those of us who fuss about with spices as well - BUT - she sure digs into the foodie items that my sister and I prepare for her!

Eating at her house can be a shoe leather and sawdust kind of experience - but I will say that she tries very hard for special occasions. :P