Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WorldCon Day One

Pretty interesting and fun.

I tried to walk into Connie Willis.
I was introduced to Walter Williams.
I kept trying to figure out where I knew a person from, she looked really familiar (it was across the room). Realized later it was Jo Walton, whom I've never met, only seen in pictures.
Avoided gushing at Phil Foglio in the dealer's room.
Lurked in the back of Scalzi's panel on schmoozing. The panelists did a good and thorough job.

Saw Janiece and Terry, Elise M, Lee, Terry and Darcy (from Fairbanks), Kathryn, and chatted with people who looked like they wanted to talk but weren't sure how to open a conversation.

With all of the obligations on my time, I am pretty wiped out. I'm off to bed. Alaska is two time zones behind. I'm so glad programming doesn't start until 10 AM.