Friday, August 1, 2008

Away today, and why I've been absent

It's time for the Tanana Valley State Fair! If you're there today, stop by the UAF Alumni Booth. The woman I married and the man I'm married to will both be there, we'd love to see you!

PS - click on the link if only to see the totally cheesy 2008 theme


Shawn Powers said...

Pirates of the carrots and beans... wow.

Random Michelle K said...



That is all.

Catherine said...

It was a lovely time!!
Sorry I seemed morose or reticent.
The UAF Alumni organization should really smooch the ground you walk on!!
I can see Mr. Hayes doing that but everyone else should, too.
Remember to send me your airport pickup details (and drop off if needed),

serge-lj said...

Tania at Tanana...
Say that fast 5 times.