Friday, August 1, 2008

Away today, and why I've been absent

It's time for the Tanana Valley State Fair! If you're there today, stop by the UAF Alumni Booth. The woman I married and the man I'm married to will both be there, we'd love to see you!

PS - click on the link if only to see the totally cheesy 2008 theme


Shawn Powers said...

Pirates of the carrots and beans... wow.

Random Michelle K said...



That is all.

Catherine said...

It was a lovely time!!
Sorry I seemed morose or reticent.
The UAF Alumni organization should really smooch the ground you walk on!!
I can see Mr. Hayes doing that but everyone else should, too.
Remember to send me your airport pickup details (and drop off if needed),

Anonymous said...

Tania at Tanana...
Say that fast 5 times.