Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Absence from teh intarweebs

For those of you kind wonderful generous concerned people that have wondered, this is what happened:

1) Final project for stats class, after which I will have my MS. Then you may address me as "Mistress Tania". Note to self - acquire knee high black leather boots to accessorize new degree state. Dig out a riding crop too. Practice being demanding and commanding.

2) Work is nuts

3) Evil network nannyware has blocked my blogger access. I can look but I can't touch. (Please, no comments on OSB here. I made my observation over at Scalzi's place.)

4) I upgraded to AVG 8.0 and the firewall has been giving me grief ever since (I'm still having problems). I spent a few days with a gakked home computer, and lobotomized network access at work. Grr.

I have a work-around planned for #3, but I won't be implementing it for a few weeks. I miss you all


Anne C. said...

Thanks for the update, Tania! We miss you too!

Janiece said...

Good luck, Mistress Tania.

We tremble before your masterly self.

Nathan said...

FOUR DAYS TO JEOPARDY!!11!!!!111lll!

Jeri said...

We miss you, mistress! ;)

Congrats on being very nearly an MS holder. :)

Tom said...

You are missed when you're missing. But that doesn't stop me from stopping by. I have to know when you stop being missing, so I can stop missing you.

Seeing you're missing, I won't miss seeing you on Jeopardy!

Nathan said...


vince said...

I have missed you Mistress Tania, and I are glad that even though the evil onse have done their best to hide you from us, you are slowly besting them.

Random Michelle K said...

Mistress Tanya, I have procured for you... this.

(holds out tube of lip gloss)

kimby said...

We all bow to your Mistressness...(it is TOO a word).

Random Michelle K said...


Come back! We miss you!

Entertain us!

BTW, does blogger have an e-mail function for posting?

You could always post your comments, and then we'd respond to them and it would be all KINDS of silly!

Nathan said...


Nathan said...


(Won't you be glad when this is over and I shut up?)

Nathan said...


My apologies, but I got
tagged and I'm supposed to rope in six other people.