Friday, April 4, 2008

Sophie From Shinola - Part 15

That wild and crazy Polybloggimous guy, Nathan proposed this crazy round-robinesque story writing exercise. I'm a reader, I have no authorial goals in my life. But Nathan is so darned cute and charming and persuasive, that I signed up. This is my portion of the story Sophie from Shinola.

Backstory and Guidelines

Part 14, by Bryan

Part 15 - Interlude

Mona sipped at her coffee and was surprised to realize it was no longer warm. She found this odd Sophie from Shinola story to be strangely compelling, though not the type of work she normally represented. Then again, the market for manga involving the exploits of a group of sodomizing dinosaurs could only be described as niche. Luckily enough for Mona the connoisseurs of such esoteric stimulation were very wealthy, well connected, and liked limited run special editions. Especially Client 9.

“Mowat! Get me a hot cup of coffee with some Bushmill’s in it, and see if you can find Colleen Lindsay’s email address. I think we’ll send this manuscript over to her and see if this fits in with what she wants to represent on the YA market.”

Mona sipped her enhanced coffee and thought “Well, hell. I’m half-way through this thing, and I’ve got nothing better going on right now. I guess I’ll keep on reading. The revelation that Blink is a sleeper agent for the International Order of Stonecutters and their intergalactic conspiracy was a shocker. A little derivative of Battlestar Galactica, but still shocking. You know what else is shocking? How good Mowat looks in those jeans, especially after coffee with Bushmill’s in it…”

Part 16 can be found here


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Shinola... There was a recent issue of the Annals of Improbable Research where they used a spectrometer to distinguish sh*t from Shinola.

Jeri said...

It's your turn! I just posted Bryan's section. Happy writing. :)

Jeri said...

Are you sure that Mowat is human? And not a Kollithi lizard, not-Mowat, a hunter seeker droid or an agent from an alien race?

Very cute interlude, and will tie in nicely to that "and they all got eaten by dinosaurs" ending that Steve expects of us.

Random Michelle K said...



kimby said...

Mona lives!
And she has kept poor incompetent Mowat!

And the question as to whether Mowat is Human has been going on for decades...
I am of the idea that he and Robertson Davies and Atwood are all of a questionable species.

Fornicating Fossils? Dabbling with Dinos? Now there is a title!

Nathan said...


I love Mona. And have you notified Colleen that you wrote her in?

Damn, Just one more part before I've got to think of more story.

Nathan said...

Hey, I just noticed I got three tags on this entry.

FTW! Yay.

Nathan said...

And I went ahead and told Colleen on her blog and linked you.

The giving just never stops.

Tania said...

jeri - I have no idea what Mowat is. For all I know Mowat is a cybernetic pleasure-bot from Gor.

Michelle - I did promise that I'd have to include dinosaurs and sodomy.

Kimby - I'd been thinking about doing something along the lines of Mona, so when you put her in, I was so relieved, because it meant I could use her!

Nathan - Eek! I just enjoy reading Colleen's blog and the antics of her cats. But I'm glad you enjoyed the tags, but the giving...yikes!

Nathan said...

Tania, folks love having their names used in stories. I told T.A. Pratt that I put him in "No Crying in the War Room". (Well, he actually asked everyone in the world to do it on his blog.)

I'm sure Colleen will be suitably amused.

In fact, I may start writing UCF members into my book, but I'll make sure that you all become characters who are completely unlike what I imagine all of you guys are really like. The one exception is that if a Scientist shows up in the book, he's so gonna get named John...even if it's a woman.

Tania said...

You know, I like Tim Pratt and his stuff. If you don't maybe I'll add him in my next part.

You can portray me in a story however suits the plot best.

vince said...

Dinosaur sodomy and Client 9. Way to go Tania!