Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Gifties!

#0 was about a week before my birthday. My cow-orker Russ and his wife gave me a $30 B&N gift card, since I'm 30-something.

#1 was from the kitties - the rear end of a vole, and the entrails laid out delicately with it. They show they care in their own twisted little feline manner.

#2 was from that crazy UCFer Michelle!! I got a copy of Night Watch, the very book that I (while said book was in transit) demanded to know (on her blog) why I'd not read it. Creepy. Cool.

#3 was $$ from my Dad. I'm 36, I don't really expect gifts from my parents, but it makes him happy, so I take his money, and then pay bills. It seems like the sort of thing a parent would approve of.

I know that some friends will have treasures for me on Friday, when about 10 of us are gathering for dinner, with my natality as the excuse. Oh, the anticipation!!

Anyhoo.... Yay! Thank you everyone. I am a very fortunate person in my friends.


Random Michelle K said...


Now I'm waiting impatiently for you to read the book and tell us what you think!


Shawn Powers said...

Hey, that book looks good. I'm going to have to get it and add it to my shame pile. :)

Oh, and the "delicately placed entrails" reminded me of "Speaker for the Dead", and the way the piggies would plant a tree.

(I loved that series...)

Random Michelle K said...

It is quite good Nathan.

Which is why it made one of my top picks. :)

vince said...

I am a very fortunate person in my friends.

In general, good people have good friends, since like tends to attract like. So happy birthday again on Friday.

vince said...

And a review , please, when you've finished Night Watch. I may have to add it to my list.

Random Michelle K said...

Vince--do it.

And if you want to compare what Tania and I say, I've got reviews for the whole series on my site.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tania would like to get the Avenging Unicorn. Hmmm.... Maybe not. Well, I'll have something for her at the worldcon.