Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, today is my birthday. I turn the big 36. I have no idea what, if any, birthday festivities are planned.

This a busy birthday month for my family. My cousin Wendy was on the 1st, I'm on the 8th, Wendy's mom is on the 9th, cousin Ginger is on the 11th, and it keeps going like that all month long...

My Aunt T (Wendy's mom) was there with my mom when I was born. She was encouraging my mom to hold out for a few more hours so we could share a birthday (Aunt T was 11 at the time). Aunt T says my mom was NOT INTERESTED in prolonging labor any more than necessary, and now that Aunt T has had three kids, she understands completely.

I'm taking today off of work (don't tell anyone!) and going to run some errands and try to have a nice day. We'll see how that works out.

Happy Birthday Tania!


Cat Whitney said...

haHA! And I am the first to leave a comment! (Oh me, what has it all come to . . .:(

Enjoy your day. Fondle some books and Leggos and glossy make-up magazine thingys.

BTW the weather woke me up.


Ilya said...

Happy birthday, Tania! Kick back and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy 136th birthday, Tania!!!

Nathan said...

Happy happy Joy Joy
Happy happy Joy Joy
Happy happy...

I forget the rest, but you know what I mean.

Random Michelle K said...

(sung in the manner of my family
[which is horrificlly out of key
(with lots of off key swoops and flourishes
[because we don't want my Dad to feel bad about not being able to hold a tune])])

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday Dear Tania!

Janiece Murphy said...

I can actually sing, but I don't want to embarrass Michelle or her family, so...

Happy Birthday!

Random Michelle K said...

Trust me.

We're years and years and years past embarrassment.

Matt Warnock said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun!

vince said...

Happy Birthday! May you gets lots of chocolate and goodies that you desire.

Jeri said...

Happy birthday! I'm in class so can't get elaborate - but I'm thinking of you and wish you a great one!

MWT said...

Happy birthday. :)

Anne C. said...

Happy birthday, Tania! I hope it's one of those stress-free, gorgeous weather, lovely unexpected birthday wishes, and fun presents kind. You deserve it! Many hugs!

Eric said...

This should absolutely not be sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday" by the Hill sisters:

A birthday that's happy
A birthday that's happy
This is the non-copyright infringing
Birthday song
To hope you have a birthday
(That's happy)

Happy birthday, Tania!

Shawn Powers said...

I sat here with a blank comment box for a long time thinking of something witty to say along with birthday wishes. I came up with nothing. So instead, I will give you my favorite cheesy joke:

A guy walks into a bar with a duck on his head. The bartenders says to him, "Where on Earth did that come from?!?!"

And the duck replies, "It started out as a pimple on my backside."

Random Michelle K said...

(looking around innocently)

Anything in your mail this week?

(stares intently in the corner)

Tom said...

Oh darn! Here I am a day late. I missed the party.

So let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday for next year! And be sure to celebrate from now until it is your next birthday.