Saturday, July 19, 2008

My bank account may never be the same...

Nordstrom's advanced search let's you create an RSS feed for your search terms. Now I can be automatically notified whenever shoes in a 9.5 W show up.

This is quite possibly the most wonderful and awful thing I have encountered this week.


Jeri said...

Too funny.

I wear 10W. I found a pair of awesome cowboy boots that that fit not only my wide feet but my wide calves when I was back in Wyoming. Through a monumental act of will I didn't buy them on the spot - but did find them online and I'm using them as a get-the-wide-butt-in-shape incentive reward. When I drop another pants size, I get to order them. :)

However - having the clothes and shoes I like coming to me by RSS feed would be a really bad thing for my budget, yes it would.

Random Michelle K said...

Although I have tiny feet, I do in fact understand your pain.

My brother has wide feet. EEE wide feet.

When we were little, we'd go to a shoe store and I'd pick out shoes I thought I might like, and tried them on until I found a pair that was comfortable. My mom would walk in with my brother, ask the salesman "What do you have in a EEE width?" and then salesmen would reply, "Well, I have these shoe boxes."

Luckily my brother doesn't have my problem in finding shoes that don't hurt my feet, or he'd never be able to wear shoes. (My problem is that even sticking to "good" brands, like Clarks and Merrell, the majority of shoes I try on hurt my feet. Thus I could never order shoes on-line.)

Nathan said...

I will never understand the female obsession with shoes. I usually have three pairs at any given time. Daily casual/comfortable, daily less casual/comfortable, and dressy (these hurt like hell after an hour).

Each pair gets replaced when GF tells me they're falling apart and look like shit. The dressy pair is going on ten years.

Nathan said...

Oh, and the sandals I wear every freakin' day that's warm enough.

Janiece Murphy said...

If I were a superstitious type, I would say Nordstrom's has hired Wolfram & Hart to run their tech department.

Because an RSS feed for shoes is surely the work of the devil.

Random Michelle K said...

I don't know about the "female" obsession with shoes, but I know that I won't wear anything but comfortable shoes, and I often have a hard time finding shoes that are in that category.

And having to look nice every day requires at least two pairs of nice shoes: one black and one brown. Those are different from dress shoes, of which I own two pairs, one pair of which is ten years old, the other is brand new for the wedding I'm going to be in this fall. Then two pairs of sneakers. One tie pair, and one slip on pair for when I'm going to be in and out of the house a lot (We do not wear shoes in the house.)

And a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots for wearing in the winter when I have to walk to work. And at work a pair of black clogs and a pair of brown clogs, for the days when I wear boots to work.

And then there are the clogs to slip on to go out onto the desk (remember: no shoes in the house!) and gardening shoes, which have ties, because you can't walk in our front yard in clogs because of the steep hill.

That help?

vince said...

I have three pairs of shoes - kinda nice but getting dirty, tennis shoes, and dress shoes that, like Nathan's, hurt like hell after an hour, I've been fortunate enough not to have to wear those for a couple of years.

And in the winter, Steger mukluks. They keep my feet warm, yes they do.

Nathan said...

Yay Steger mukluks. Mine are 15 years old and finally due for replacement. Keep you warm and wear well, too.

MWT said...

See if I was in Michelle's shoes (heh heh), I'd only have one pair of shoes for each thing, not two different colors of the same kind of shoe. And they'd be consolidated for purposes as much as possible (like, why have a tie pair of sneakers if you already have slip-on? and there wouldn't be clogs - I'd just move the one pair of nice work shoes to work for when I arrived in boots), which would probably leave me with less than half that number.

My next pair of shoes are going to be ... not mukluks probably, but hopefully something in their moccasins line. Which I will then wear every day and everywhere for the next ten years. Just like I'm doing right now with my current pair of slip-on sneaker things. Before that it was a pair of Tevas sandals that I had to stop wearing because the velcro wore out (but I got that replaced recently and might start wearing those again).

I do have other dressier shoes, but try to get out of wearing them as much as possible.

Tania said...

When I worked on campus, we didn't have a dress code. Birkenstocks all the time.

Here at the hospital, we have a dress code. I got dinged on a performance eval (my only ding) because I wasn't dressing professionally enough (I work in YOUTH OUTREACH!!). I'll eventually be over that, but it still chaps my ass.

I had a shoe thing before, but they must be COMFORTABLE cute shoes. Which really limits my options. But now that these people expect me to dress a certain way, I can indulge my shoe fixation justifiably.

Me, I don't understand purse fixations. I want an attractive bag, sure. But I only have the one set of feet, so I want them to be in something comfortable, supportive, and attractive is always a nice bonus.

Random Michelle K said...

MWT, although I dress mostly in black and white, I do have a few outfits for which black shoes are not right. This the brown shoes.

And the clogs are nice to have at work because I usually take my shoes off at my desk, and it's nice to be able to slip on clogs if I need to go to the front desk quickly.

And I forgot exercise shoes. :) One pair at work and one pair to take to the gym. (No matter how comfortable my shoes are, they still hurt my feet if I wear them to walk at lunch.)

As far as the tie versus slip ons? If I'm going to be walking a lot, the slip ons can bother my feet after awhile, while tie shoes fit more snugly and don't slip at all on my heels.

As to why I just don't wear clogs all the time? I did that for awhile, until a physical therapist said they were putting strain on my already bad knees. (Which is why they're at work.)

So basically you can put much of it down to the fact I'm falling apart. :)

MWT said...

See now, I just wouldn't bother to match. ;) But then again I'm not exactly known for dressing for success...

I do have some pretty impressive calluses on my heels from the slip-on sneakers.

Anonymous said...

This is quite possibly the most wonderful and awful thing I have encountered

I vote for 'awful'.

Random Michelle K said...

Well, since I'm supposed to dress professionally to teach, I figured I'd best splurge and get black AND brown shoes.

And the backs of my heels are the problem. Two years ago I had to wear clogs for about a month because I'd done something bad and couldn't stand to have anything more than a sock against the back of my heel.

When I become disgustingly rich, I'm going to have my shoes made for my feet, so I never have to worry about uncomfortable shoes again.