Friday, July 11, 2008

Return of the Friday Funny

What, you thought I'd abandonded it? No, Friday Funny was on vacation, getting some spa treatments and some grooming.

This week - McSweeney's.

Something for everyone at McSweeney's.

Janiece in her quest to fight the homeowner's association might appreciate An Overheard Conversation at the Suburban Neighborhood Pool, If the Suburban Neighborhood Pool Were in Deadwood.

Michelle might enjoy Summer Safety Tips: How to Avoid a Lion Attack.

Jim might roll eyes at the premise of The Middle East Peace Process, as Moderated by My Spin Instructor.

MWT and John The Scientist would probably come up with a few additions to None of My Science PiƱatas Are Appropriate for Children.

OK, you get the idea. I think most of us will get a rueful chuckle out of The 700 Club Does Weather.

Have a lovely weekend!


MWT said...

Clearly we need to send Nathan an Infinity-Symbol Pinata.

Random Michelle K said...

Do you see a lion waiting at the bottom of a water-park slide? Do not use the slide.

Yo! Kids! Down the waterslide!

Nathan said...

Enough with the math teasing already!

(And all the candy would fall out the holes in an infinity-shaped pinata)