Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogs I like (Part ? of a series)

Most of you are familiar with Kate Baker, hostess of Anaedream.com, a thoroughly charming place.

And those of you who know of Kate know that she does voice-over work and sings.

Go and listen to her singing. It's great/wonderful/beautiful/worth listening to.

You can download her stuff here.


vince said...

She does have a beautiful voice, and is a good songwriter as well.

I played a number of her songs on my radio show on April 30th.

She asked for and got permission to podcast the segment of the show featuring her songs (I gave her a link to download it), but she hasn't done so yet. Could be because of the size of the file - it's 30MB. But if you want to hear it, let her know!

Kate said...

Aw! Thank you dear! I will be posting the radio show sometime today, as I've been extremely busy with the profession that right now pays all of my bills.

I am glad you are enjoying the music though, and I will say that in the little spare time I've had over the past few weeks, I've been toying with a few other songs. :)

You're the best for pimping!