Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The neighbors came to visit this evening

She seemed like a nice single mom with really well behaved twins. They were polite while out back checking out John's camper trailer.

See how they stick together? I think she's got some good parenting skills.

Look at this - Mom making sure both kids get safely across the road, and she's ready to take on the truck coming towards them (and me). Safety first!

Now, on the side of the road, checking out the browse. Mom still keeping on eye on things, like me and the cats. The cats kept growling at the moose. Yeah, sure you can take 'em out kitty. I'll miss you when you're gone.

They're still hanging around the yard, they keep circling the house. I don't want Mom to feel harassed, so I am leaving her alone. She's probably harried enough as it is having twins to take care of. Oh, and the mosquitoes are out. Poor critters.

I can't give you flower pr0n like other people, but I can give you mediocre moose in my yard pictures.


Michelle K said...


How cute! Especially when they're all the way across the country and not here where they could run into me and my car. :)

Tom said...

Moose pr0n! Up close and personal. Good show.

You've captured the essence of "live and let live."

But you have to allow the kitties to dream. "I eat them meeses to pieces".

Janiece Murphy said...

Yeah, I'm sure the kitties were a real threat to those moose.


I think every cat I've ever met has that particular delusion of grandeur.

And yay, Moose Pr0n! Flowers are cool, critters are better!

Anonymous said...

I like Moose. Squirrel too.

kimby said...

I love moose, and i am not picky on how or where I see them. In Moose pr0n, on the road or on my plate with potatoes and gravy.

John the Scientist said...

One of the neighbor's cats once stalked a young turkey in our yard. It was a bit on the big side, as prey goes, but the cat probably could have taken it.

However, there were 35 other young turkeys in the yard. Along with their 7 or 8 mothers.

The mothers literally formed a crescent-shaped skirmish line and closed in on the cat. they got to within about a meter before the cat suddenly discovered the better part of valor.

Nathan said...


Last time I saw a moose was about 15 years ago. It kind of stared at me and stood her ground in the middle of the road. Then when she'd decided she'd won, she turned and trotted away down the road. Oh, and she was hugely pregnant with her belly swaying back and forth in a huge arc.

Jeri said...

My pekingese had moose-hunting dreams while we were in AK. She thought she was big stuff when she was barking from our second story deck!

Great moose pics - they are amazing creatures. (Stupid, but amazing.)

MWT said...


We need variety in our nature pr0n, I think. Yay moose! :)

Anonymous said...

You'd think the cats would've learned by now...