Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why my laptop is full of cathair

This is my vicious hunter cat. He is 14. He kills snowshoe hares, voles, and shrews. He likes to cuddle. He really likes to cuddle. He gets insistent when he has determined that we need to go to bed. And this is why my laptop is full of cat hair.


Michelle K said...

I'm guessing he's a larger sized cat? His head size looks similar to my large primary cat, who is ~11 pounds.

Also? Nice Think Pad!

Anonymous said...

Neither of my cats care when we have to go to sleep. But they certainly care when they want us to get out of bed because they're HUNGRY!!!!

kimby said...

Our cats have similar sleeping arrangements. Lord Stanley likes to sleep on my computer as well. And he is also VERY insistent when it is food time, or bedtime...or what ever time he thinks it should be.

Guessing it is time for me to post some pics, as pets seem to be the theme among UCF'ers today.

Tania said...

He's a medium sized kitty, he's about 9 pounds. And does not like to be able to see the bottom of his food dish. I get the 4 AM pat on the face with claws lightly extended letting me know that he can see the bottom. OHNO! Silly kitty. I try to sprinkle kibble in before I go to bed so we don't have this problem.

I got a 30% discount on a ThinkPad by ordering through work, so I loaded one up.

Now, if you want to see a kitty that is big, and insistent on having his way, I would like to to point you toward Jeff the Giant Orange Cat.

Michelle K said...

My big cat doesn't look that big until you compare him to the backup cat, who is normal sized.

Michelle K said...

And I still love my T series Think Pad, although I don't much care for the Z series.

Luckily, work paid for both.

Michelle K said...

Does this mean it's my turn to post cat pictures?

kimby said...

Thanks for visiting me. I think your cat has great taste in pillows! (although I am a MAC cat.)

Where's the catnip?

Lord Stanley