Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm so tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting

for my grades to be posted. If I got a 'B' then I am done. Yay!

The presentation was mediocre, the paper not so hot, but I kicked ass on the final exam.

I must be ready for something new. I was seriously looking at jobs in Abu Dhabi and at Pump Station 4. Really.

Once I have my grades I can be reimbursed by my employer for my tuition and textbook costs, which will be nice.

Please Ming, be merciful and post my grade, a grade of 'B'. I want to be done with my program. If I had been a more dutiful and motivated student, I would have applied myself more. We both know that. I assured you that I would never pass myself off as a stats whiz, and you assured me that I should let my employer know you do consulting. That seems fair.

Thank you to everyone for your support. And if any of you will be at graduation on Sunday, I'm not walking, but I'll be there handing out cake at the graduation reception afterwards. One of the joys of being VP of the local alumni association chapter.


Michelle K said...

I'd cross my fingers for you, but then my typing would change from bad to abysmal.

Go Tanya!

Anonymous said...

Let us know asap. Email, maybe? Hint, hint...

John the Scientist said...

Your prof was really named Ming?

Tom said...

To hell with the B!

A, A, A, A!

"Give me an A!" "A!" "What's that spell?" "A!"

She's done! OMG, Tania has left the program...

vince said...

It's not always easy toi judge your own work, so perhaps your presentation and paper were better than you though, and an A will be yours. The power of positive thinking.

Have fun handing out cake, and make sure to have a piece or two for yourself!