Monday, May 12, 2008

YESSS! I got a "B"

And you know what they say in grad school - Bs mean degrees.

My grade was posted this afternoon. Hurrah!! I called it "my" graduation not because my name was in the program. Grades for grads are supposed to be submitted in time, but sometimes mistakes happen.

You may now address me as Mistress Tania. I may have to procure myself something like this as a graduation present. I'm not convinced that is the boot I want, but I have plenty of time to get myself a graduation present.

Thank you to everyone with checking in on me. I know I keep saying it, but you guys are great.

Now, we need to go show Saqib some support, he's in grad school too.

Signing off, for the first time as

Tania, BS, MS


vince said...

Congratulation Mistress Tania, you are full of teh awesome!

Anonymous said...

All hail Mistress Tania!

Michelle K said...

Yay MS BS!

Oh, not Mistress of BS? You want that in the other order?

Nathan said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyy Tania!

BTW, Do you get 2 boots for that price or only the one in the picture?

Saqib said...

Congratulations Tania! You did it! So what's it like on cloud 9?

Theresa said...

Congrats. Let's play some 80s music and dance like monkeys, if it pleases you Mistress Tania.