Monday, May 19, 2008


Yes, it warrants all caps. I know that a couple of you are American Idol watchers, and I understand the appeal. But, I have to ask, have you ever checked out the Eurovision competition? It's like American Idol on steroids, with original music. And Europeans, a culture so close and yet so different from vanilla USA.

Please, check it out. You'll be intrigued...

Ok, I mostly watch for the clothes. Musically, I'm rather unsophisticated.


John the Scientist said...

Eurovision is what gave the world ABBA way back when.

Nico said...
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Rebelcat said...

Hehe...American Idol on steroids...what a comparison!

Yea, I'm actually going to watch it this year since I have nothing better to do and there is actually some songs that are pretty good this year. That's pretty rare as it usually isn't the kind of music I usually listen to. But this year Finland has a heavy metal band again and France's song sounds like Supergrass (English indieband from the 90's).

I grew up watching the Eurovision Contest. It was a bit thing over here in Sweden. I remember mom and dad inviting friends over to watch it together with some nice food.

When I was a kid the artists had to sing in their countries language. That was pretty fun. Even if the songs sounded all the same.

Nowadays most artists sing in English but the songs tend to be more varied. Some are inspired by the countries folk music which I find interesting as the musicology I am.

Ah, yea, ABBA got a hit back in the 70's with Waterloo. But that's about the only artist I can think of that got an international career after compeeting in the competition.

Hmm...I guess I better stop my rant here.