Monday, February 18, 2008

A busy week

I'll give an update and some blatheration later on in the week. Until then, I provide, for your entertainment, the following Alaskan oddities:

Redneck City, USA

Danger - Falling Moose!!

The Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Police Blotter - the best police blotter writing in Alaska


vince said...

Oh, my! Thanks for those smiles those links brought - especially the adopted sister/ex-girlfriend one. Jim Morrison was right - people ARE strange.

Nathan said...

I saw the Moose falling from the sky one and almost sent it to you.

But this is my fave:

"Animal – Caller reported a partially butchered caribou near the roadway past the landfill. An officer verified that indeed there was a partially butchered caribou carcass. The carcass was left in situ for the benefit of various canids and corvids."