Monday, February 18, 2008

I do my best thinking in the bathroom and

in my car while driving down the highway.

Tonight while driving home my brain's sub-processes were sorting and filing, a standard practice. About 4 miles out of Fairbanks I found myself thinking about an article on Amish X-Cultural health care issues and how it related to Jim Wright's vitriolic diatribe about bigoted fuckwits.

Tania's Insight Of The Day:

For people like my MIL and Jim's unwelcome penpal the following rules apply:

Amish aggressively not assimilating, speaking a non-English language at home = Pride in one's heritage.

Norwegians belonging to Sons of Norway and doing nutty things like eat lutefisk = Pride in one's heritage.

People with lily-white Northern European skin have cultural pride. All persons with pigmented skin hues that maintain any allegiance to the land or culture of their extraction are ungrateful miscreants that are trying to destroy Uhmuurricah and all that makes it the best darn place on Earth. An Earth that was created in seven days with dinosaurs living at the same time as Methuselah, btw.

I have two friends that I can immediately think of from whom I would put up with blathering on about the immigrant threat. They're Athabaskan and might have a point about unwelcome people invading their land, refusing to learn the local language, etc. In my not even remotely humble opinion, all other people that gibber on about immigrants ruining this country are ignorant hypocrites. If they want to know what's ruining the country, they need to go look in a mirror. When they're done with that I can introduce them to a few choice members of my family that really don't deserve the privileges of being a citizen. I'd rather have citizens that appreciate the USA and want to live here rather here than lackadaisical fuckwits with delusions of entitlement because of a fortunate accident of birth.

Enough ranting for this evening. Happy President's Day!


Janiece Murphy said...

Thanks for these insights. I didn't look at it this way, but you're right.

serge-lj said...

My favorites are recent immigrants who complain about the immigrants that came in after them.

Tania said...

Janiece - Wow. Someone thinks I'm right? Yay! I tend to think of myself as a ranting, rambling lunatic.

Serge! You hit it right on the head. My MIL's grandparents came over from Norway, her father came over as a little kid. Her parents would speak Norweigan at home. But she'll go on about how immigrantion is ruining the USA. We live in Fairbanks, most of our immigrants are university students or folks serving in the military. People like this make the USA a better place. As do you, oh cherished Canadian emigre.

Tom said...

Tania, I hereby proclaim you Authorized! Come fisit us at the back fence.

Tom said...

Or visit, if you prefer.

serge-lj said...

oh cherished Canadian emigre

Yes, I am blushing.

Jim Wright said...

I tend to think of myself as a ranting, rambling lunatic.

Yeah, but see that's why I like you :)

Let me know the next time you're down in Anchorage and we'll have lunch or something.