Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII - Tania's Live Blogging Attempt

Yup, I'm working on my homework and watching the ads. Not every ad will get reviewed. If you want to see the ads, they will be up on YouTube and MySpace

I'll be ranking using the following scale

-1 - was that amusing?
0 - eye roll (oh, please)
1 - snort
2 - giggle
3 - hah!
4 - belly laugh
5 - time to change my clothes, I peed myself

Bud Light Breathing Fire - 2. Cute, and I have friends that are allergic to cats.

Diet Pepsi Max - 1. Not that great until the SNL guy at the end told everyone to stop it.

Under Armour - Um. Well, it wasn't going for laughs. I likes me a dystopian future as much as the next geek. I own Under Armour, but it's their winter gear. Tasty pieces of eye-candy.

FedEx carrier pigeon ad - 3. I liked the helmets and the giant pigeons. Then again, I also liked the Heavy Metal film, and the large pigeons made me think of that film.

Pepsi Justin Timberlake - 1. The Dick In A Box shoutout was about all I found clever.

Corolla Sleeping Badgers - 3. Hah! Gnawing his face off. Tee hee.

Budweiser Clydesdales always get a pass. I don't like horses that much, but the commercials are always so saccharine cute and wholesome. It's a nice change from the T&A on the other ads. And I have nothing against T&A. I approve of T&A. But it gets old. I want clever and innovative.

Career Builder follow your heart - 2. Hits a little to close to home for me to find it funny.

LifeWater Thriller ad - 2. Lizards dancing, eating other lizards. Yeah!

Planters Cashew Ad - 3. Hah. I loved the clothes and makeup.

T-Mobile & Charles Barkley - 0. I find Sir Charles charming but I don't know how good an ad it was.

Movie Ads - Iron Man!! Wanted!! Prince Caspian!! Jumper!!

Halftime Show - Well, it's about to start. I know I'm not the only person to note the convergence of the sounds of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, I guess I'm about to hear if it is an ongoing phenomenon.
Oh, that was it? Kinda boring. Maybe if I'd been there in person?

NASCAR Daytona 500 ad - I would totally play that video game, if the ad was for a video game. But I'm not going to be watching NASCAR anytime soon.

Vitamin Water & Shaq - 0. Wasn't offensive, but I didn't really find myself entertained, inspired, or moved to check out the product. I am familiar with the product, btw.

Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons in the same ad? Weird. And obviously aimed at people my age and older, because who else knows who the hell they are? That was the oddest tire ad I've ever seen. It's like the person is tripping on a road trip? Maybe? *shrug*

Bud Light Commercial - 1. Not as funny as I would find it if I didn't know how a jet works. I should lighten up and suspend my disbelief!

Coke ad with Stewie and Underdog and Charlie Brown - 3. Charlie Brown won! Hurrah!!!

Coke ad with Carville and Frist - 2. Segways?? Hee! Wee!

I don't know what this dog ad is, but man have I known doggies that slorp just like that one is. Oh, Gatorade. The dog is cute. We'll give it a 2.

Bud Light Will Ferrell ad - 0. Innuendo, sure. But it wasn't that clever. Maybe before Ron Burgundy, but now it's just a shtick.

Snooooze. I'm bored. When will the ads come back? Apparently the Patriots are ahead again. Like I care. I want to see a commercial. *glares at television* Oh! It worked!

Victoria's Secret Ad - Pretty Tame. 1

Amp Ad with nipple clamp jump starting - 0. OUCH.

Huh. Looks like the Giants won. Cool. I hope my friend Beth doesn't read this, she's a Patriots fan.

I want more ads!!

Looks like we're all done. Well, it's been real, it's been fun. I don't know if it's been real fun.

Did any of you watch the game and the ads? Which ones did you like?


Michelle K said...

Maybe it's just because we don't get out much, but everyone--especially um grandmother--was amused by the Victoria's secret VD add.

Of course it would have been better if it hadn't gone on so long, but it still amused us.

We missed several chunks of commercials for a variety of reasons, mostly when my grandmother got on the phone (had to mute the TV)

Tom said...

Watched the game and the ads. Did a live blog like you. The Planter's Cashew and Charlie Brown getting the Coke were my two favorites.

I also noted Wanted! and Iron Man as movies to see.

I'd also heard about godaddy's Danica expose ad, and went to their site right after the commercial (pre-game show). Nothing but a blank white page. Ha!

Tom said...

Just noticed. LCII? LC is not a legal construct in Roman Numerals.

Glad someone was worse than I at what Super Bowl it was. ;)

Janiece Murphy said...

I've a soft spot for the Clydesdales, so yeah, Go Hank.

But I liked the E*Trade talking baby, too. The clown freaked him out. Hehe.

Nathan said...

Years ago, when I was just getting started I worked on some Bud commercials. Basically we spent a week shooting the Clydesdales in pretty snow scenes and then they cut Christmas spots out of the footage for the next ten years.

Lemme tell ya. Those are some pampered freakin' horses. They only let them work for like 2 hours at a time, then they need an hour of rest. And the handlers drank every drop of peach schnaps we could find in Vermont. All of it.

Tania said...

*face palms*

Oy. I know better about the Super Bowl. I'm not sure where "LC" came from (other than my keyboard and brain...).

Hank was cute. So was the dog/coach.

Jeri said...

I liked the Bud Light - fire breathing commercial best. And detested the Sales Genie spots - what a waste of spendy ad time!