Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Gods, but I love politics. Reading, discussing, analyzing. Why did I end up with all these obligations right now? For the next ten days I've barely got time to eat, much less read up on or comment on current events.

I like to read Scalzi's I hate your politics to keep things in perspective.

I know he's not all there, but I love Mike Gravel.

And Alaska overwhelmingly voted for Obama? Isn't that just grand?


John the Scientist said...

Yeah, but AK also provided Ron Paul with double-digit votes. Just two almonds turned Almond Joy into the nutty candy bar, right?

Tania said...

Well, sometimes you feel like a nut...

But apparently we also felt like a Mormon Industrialist and a Charming Evangelical Creationist.

At least Ron Paul seems familiar with the constitution, unlike most of the other candidates.