Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sing it, Al...

Things you should know:

I can't tell you how I did. I will let you draw your own conclusions based on the following:

1) I actually have read a couple of books about Henry VIII
2) Sometimes a brain cramps up
3) I am cursing Elizabeth I and the Neville family, because I got it all jumbled in my head
4) Yes, I know I wrote down the name of the author of The Eight
5) Hey, it's not like anyone else up there got it right, cut me some slack

So, John did not get the Valentine's Day present I hoped to give him. But, watch your telly's on April 28th to see me not completely embarrass myself. That's about all I can say for now.

Oh, and for laughs...The night before, I told John "You know, there's always a Henry VIII question" and proceeded to not bone up on that, but reviewed world capitals and stuff like that. Sometimes you just gotta listen to yourself...

Apparently, I need to learn to trust that I'm not always blowing smoke out my butt.

It was fun, the other contestants were a really nice group of people. I can tell you, it's not that people don't know the answers when they aren't buzzing in. It's because they haven't mastered the timing of buzzing in, which was a big problem for me. One person in my round was infamous within our group for his reflexes. He was fast.

Oh, and to let you know (Cindy) - Alex Trebek is as hot in person as he looks on TV. Alex Trebek, a thinking woman's sex symbol, along with Steve Martin and Billy Zane.


Anonymous said...

Billy Zane... We just don't see him in much of anything anymore. There was that TV movie based on a Louis L'Amour adventure set in Asia. And there was The Phantom...

Janiece Murphy said...

I can't wait. I even marked my calendar!

Nathan said...

I"m glad you had fun and I've marked my calendar.

Its really weird which categories you "know" the answers to and which stump you. I've never watched an opera all the way through, but I do really well with that category. I never remember any of the British Royalty stuff. And embarrassingly enough, I suck at remembering who won Oscars.

Jeri said...

I'm an Alton Brown and Mike Rowe fan, as far as the thinking women's sex symbol thing goes.

I'm glad you had a great time and got the opportunity - and I, too have marked my calendar for 4/28. Yay Tania!

Anne C. said...

Can't wait! Thanks for giving us the heads up. :)